Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons 

Mid-Peninsula Near San Mateo & South Bay

Teaching Philosophy 

Every student is different with flexibility, body types and athletic background. When giving golf lessons, I believe in finding the uniqueness of each student and coming up with a swing that will work for the student. The swing has to be not only simple, but must maximize the potential ability of the student. Great ball striking is about how to sequence the body correctly and leverage the power sources at the right time. Simply using the arms will not do the trick. To make a powerful and consistent swing, we must employ our core muscle. That explains why good golfers who may be shorter, smaller and older can hit the ball more accurately and further. In addition, I love to teach short game golf lessons and the mental side of the game as they are fun and can boost the performance of my students tremendously.

In sum, the improvements of my students are my biggest motivation. I want golf to be an awesome enjoyment for my students and their families for their life time!

Ron Li, PGA

Full Swing Fundamentals and Solid Ball Striking Golf Lessons

Fat shots? topping the ball? or simply can't hit the ball every time...? If you have suffered from making poor contacts, you probably have a wrong body sequence from your backswing, downswing and through the ball. In my golf lessons, I will show you how to sequence your body correctly to create the best position to flush the shots. Better strikes can bring you the desired distance and enable you to make nice divots after impact. 

Short Game Golf Lessons for Techniques Upgrade

70% of your score is decided by how good you are with your short game. Using the techniques such as bump-and-run and pop-high-land-soft, I teach my students how to chip and pitch into a 3-foot circle of the hole to get up-and-downs from as much as 100 yards away! Having a tough time to get close to the pin from a bunker or simply can't get out of it? I will show you some simple techniques to manage different sand situations

Distance Control and Speed Golf Lessons and Intense Training 

Gaining a few more yards is great, but being able to produce "control distance" is the golden nugget. Using only the arms will not get you the control distance consistently. You must use the right muscle group at the right time and leverage other power sources. In my golf lessons, I will teach you how to increase club head speed, hit the ball center of  the club face and create draws to let the ball spins in  favor to carry longer in the air. 

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